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Hello, my name is Orly. I would like to talk about my friend Maxim who is deaf like me.

Now Maxim is happy, because he has a painting job at one of his neighbours.
He knows how difficult it is to find work when you’re deaf.
That’s the reason Maxim participates at our Literacy Center; he wants to read and write better and learn life skills.
This painting job is important to Maxim because he wants to buy a nice present for his son. Maxim has a very good relationship with his son.
Maxim likes doing paintjobs. He works precise and with speed, because he wants to arrive on time for his English workshop.
It starts at 6 o’clock and he wants time to eat and maybe read, before it starts.
Once at the Center he heats-up his meal in the microwave.
He has prepared a chicken breast with veggies and it smells good.
He feels like looking at some books and decides on marine life in Canadian waters

The pictures of whales make him go back in time to Gaspésie where he was born, and he dreams of bringing his son there.
Since a while he is thinking about going back there to live, but he hesitates because he remembers that he felt lonely; in Gaspésie there were not a lot of deaf around to talk with. 

He eats quietly, when suddenly Erik and Mary arrive, two other participants.
Mary is a young woman, profound deaf, and Maxim likes her a lot.
Erik is a bit macho, especially in the presence of women, and that bothers Maxim.
He looks at Maxim’s supper and says to Mary, "What a lucky guy is Maxim, his wife spoils him."
Maxim has a strange reaction; he is angry and sad at the same time.
He almost chokes and feels like crying. 

Maxim is separated since a year.
His wife left him and he thought that it was because of his deafness,
But now he has found out that there were other reasons.

Mary asks, "What are you eating?"
Maxim replies, "It’s chicken breast with vegetables."
and explains how easy it is to make, with tomatoes, garlic and mushrooms.
Erik replies, "You see, he is really spoiled by his wife; she cooks for him, but she also explains how to make it, so that he can impress us."
Maxim is almost angry, but he takes a deep breath, calms down, and says, "You know very well that I am divorced since a year, and that I do the cooking. When you live a separation, your life is turned upside down and there is a lot of adaptation to do. I was really tired of eating everyday out of cans.”
Mary asks, "Did you take cooking lessons?"
Maxim, "No, but I am part of a collective kitchen."
Mary adds, "With other deaf?"
Maxim replies, "No I’m the only deaf,"
Mary asks, "Tell me, what a collective kitchen is?"
Maxim, "It is an association of people coming together twice a month. The first time is for planning the meals, to find out where to find the best deals in your neighbourhood, and the second time around is to cook together." 

Mary, "Does it cost anything?"
Maxim answers, "We pay for the food. They receive subventions from the government to pay for the installations and electricity.
There are even workshops given on how to handle food, how to eat healthy, and how to control your budget."
“Wow!” says Mary, "How much is it per meal?"
Maxim explains, "It’s very cheap, the price per meal is about 2 dollars."
Mary wants to know how he enrolled in this collective kitchen, and Maxim says, "The mother of a friend of my son was already a member. There was a free place and since she was studying ASL. She wanted me in there and offered to interpret for me." 

Mary says, "I admire you, Maxim. I live alone and often eat the same things. You, since your separation, you learned how to cook and you belong to an association. You really make a lot of effort."
Maxim replies, "Thanks Mary. That is very kind of you. Those kitchens are open to everybody."

It is almost time for their class. The other participants start to arrive. Maxim collects his stuff and takes out his English grammar.
Erik sits down at his desk and so does Mary.
She turns toward Maxim and says, "I’m really interested in those collective kitchens; would you have the time pretty soon to take a coffee? I would like to have more information about them."
Maxim, flattered, responds, "With pleasure, why don’t you come over Tuesday afternoon at my place, and I let you taste my vegetarian lasagna?"
Mary answers, "Oh, I would like that. I also would like to talk to you about some ideas I have for the Literacy Center."
Maxim affirms, "See you Tuesday."