Signs of elder abuse

• Fear, anxiety

• Depression, passiveness

• Unexplained physical injuries

• Poor nutrition or poor hygiene

• Improper use of medication

• Forcing to sign papers, or change the will

• Money gets stolen, dwindling bank account

• Not willing to talk about the situation

Who abuses seniors?

Often, elderly people know who their abusers are…family member, friend, health caregiver, neighbor, etc… In many situations of elder abuse, the abuser is dependent on the elderly person for money, food and shelter.

Why do some older people not want to talk about elder abuse?

Older adults may feel ashamed or embarrassed to tell anyone about the abuse. They may be afraid of retaliation or punishment. They worry about having to move out of their houses. They may be loyal to the family and its reputation. Some are not aware that there are services to help them. Often, the elderly depend on their abuser.

Commonly recognized types of elder abuse